117. Twenty-seven invertebrates

No-one in the history of the world has had a bathroom door quite like this

19th April 2018

It all began with the octopus: beautifully cut, copper-foiled and soldered together by Ford. Then one invertebrate led to another and now we have 27 - three panels of nine - in our bathroom door, held in place with lead cames (I made the oak frame but no-one is looking at that).

They are: scallop, brittle-star, Christmas beetle, stick insect, butterfly, spider, hermit crab, scorpions, giant sea snail, mussels, caterpillar, acorn barnacle, rotifer, octopus, jellyfish, sponges, grasshopper, brachiopod, snail, marine flatworm, tick, centipede, seapen, squid, starfish, pacific deep vent shrimp and earthworm.

Ford made many of these while grieving for his mum, Beth, to whom the door is dedicated. In the process, he has become a master-craftsman. It's just amazing.

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  1. Gorgeous. When are you having a wiindow-warming party? ;)