116. The front of the house is finished

A new gate and some brickwork details

18th April 2018

Our site was originally the back of a long garden with a derelict garage. It was quite fortress-like, fronted with a high brick wall and big double doors with a massive concrete lintel over them. The lintel had to go early on. leaving nasty gashes in the wall, but we kept the old gate through most of the build.

I've finally replaced the gate with something much smaller which I made using six of the sycamore boards from the old tree that used to stand in front of Tree House next door (I also used these to make our library shelves - see blog 77). It's definitely in the spirit of the house: organic, handmade, a bit wacky.

I've also mended the piers that used to carry the lintel using some leftover Northcot bricks: sloping specials which the greenhouse (conservatory) sits on to achieve a drip line. I had just enough left over to finish the piers and tie them neatly into the wall.

So, four years on from breaking ground, we finally have a tidy front of house, just as our little apple and pear trees are beginning to blossom.