110. More colour

The porch floor is down.

2nd September 2016

Exactly a year ago I started laying the parquet blocks on our living room floor. This week I finally got round to the adjoining room: our larder-porch. The nearer we get to the end, the slower the pace of progress and the faster the end recedes...

The floor tiles we chose are reproduced from a Spanish original complete with worn and scuffed edges. We choose the tiles partly because we love the design and want to introduce lots of colour into this little room, and partly because they fit the dimensions of the room very neatly indeed. Ceramic tiles will also help to keep our unheated, naturally-ventilated larder cool.  

Although the pattern appears to repeat precisely, the tiles are not all the same. If you look carefully you can see that the way the basket weaves at the intersections changes all the time.

I'm also planning to paint the ceiling in this room to add to the all-round colour. But that can wait a while. The fanlight already produces plenty of interesting effects across the day: here you can see the multi-coloured light falling on sprigs of drying hyssop, which we grow either side of our front door to attract bees in their hundreds. Ford has also introduced a fermentation crock or burp-pot and a cheerful rumtopf to the larder shelves (the latter is a traditional German approach to storing fruit across the year). The Orchard laboratory is taking shape.

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  1. Just lovely. Stick at it good sir, imagine that moment when there is nothing left to finish....