91. The light is fading

But I'm still harvesting breakfast

21st October 2015

All of a sudden, it's dark and cold and miserable. Time, then, for some second fix electrics. With proper lights installed throughout the house, we'll be able to work late without struggling to see.

There's a diminishing list of tasks left to do before Szymon, our electrician, can return and begin connecting everything up. This morning I plastered the bathroom and utility room ceilings; an inescapably messy but satisfying job. Last weekend, Ford and I laid yet another floor, but this time on the bedroom ceiling: a rather lovely lacquered bamboo (so now the bedroom has an Australian tree on the floor, a Chinese shrub on the ceiling and awaits an English plant for the walls). These rooms have ceiling-recessed downlighters, so we want the ceilings to be finished before the lights go in.

Despite the poor conditions outside, I'm still picking a punnet of raspberries every day. We have been eating raspberries on our porridge for weeks now and there's lots more to come. I planted two sets of canes last March when I set out the back garden: summer and autumn raspberries. We didn't get any summer raspberries because they fruit on the previous year's growth but autumn raspberries fruit on the current year's growth, Although they didn't grow very tall this year, their fruiting has been prolific. I keep expecting them to pack it in but they go on ripening, even though there's barely any sunshine. Clever plants.

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