06. Digging deep into the history of the site

The construction of a garden wall begins with deep footings. Excavating with a pick-axe exposes some unexpected fragments of the past.

05. Gaining power

Electricity arrives on site, with the help of an assortment of people. But I've promised not to tell you how it was done.

04. Heavy duty sawing

A large tree on site has to be felled, so I grab the opportunity to make the most of the timber.

03. Good-bye to the green roof

We inherited a green roof when we bought the building plot. But despite their excellent eco-credentials, this one has to go. 

02. Breaking ground and splashing out

Every building project has to start somewhere. For me, it’s down a dusty hole in the heat of summer.

01. Every story needs a decent plot

Building design is all about responding creatively to constraints. In south London, our primary constraint is inevitably the size of the plot.