89. Red invasion

Our stained glass project is approaching its full height

13th October 2015

Ford and I have been making the stained glass panels for our two-storey staircase window for over a year now, off and on. There will be nine panels in all, three for each of the three tall, vertically-aligned panes of the window. The design is abstract: a rectangular detail from a sweep of concentric circles centred somewhere just north of the house. Because the circles are big, we can get away with the glass and the lead in each panel being straight, which makes life a great deal easier. As the panels rise up the window, the angle of the sweep changes slightly as the circles turn.

We recently finished panel 7, the bottom panel of the top window. The general progression up the windows has been from earth-green to sky-blue but now, as the angle becomes more acute and new outer rings are revealed, the colours are turning red and orange: the light of the gods penetrating the firmament.

I'm a little nervous about whether the overall effect is actually going to work when we get all the windows in place. But we've used some wonderful glass, full of textures and ripples and patterns, so whether we feel encircled or merely gently zig-zagged, we're going to be bathed in a glorious light.

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