85. There's a goblin under the sofa

The next floor begins

4th September 2015

Our open-plan cooking, eating and living space is 7.5 metres long by 5.2 metres wide, which makes a tidy 39 square metres. That's quite a big floor to finish in little reclaimed parquet blocks, every one of which has to be cleaned and glued and carefully fitted. But what the hell; we plan to live here for ever, so a bit of sweat now creating a gorgeous floor seems like a worthwhile investment.

The wood we're using is panga panga from Parquet Parquet (really really). It's a tropical hardwood, originally from east Africa, and is dark, rich and strikingly diverse in the grain it presents. The goblin in the photo above is a bit unusual but the blocks are full of dense patterns in chocolate brown and black. I'm laying them in a basket weave pattern, though there's a kink in the weave because the blocks are slightly longer than thrice their width. It still works.

I've also been busy painting. So, as the floor turns a deep, dark golden brown, the ceiling is brightening up thanks to our lovely marble-white lime paint. All in all it feels like a long-dormant bud at the centre of The Orchard is finally beginning to open.


  1. Fab floor in a delightful project - thanks for sharing Will

  2. So beautiful Will! It didn't take too long to do the bedroom - you will soon be there. And it's so worthwhile. Apologies for not commenting more on the blog, I get sidetracked by Ford's Facebook posts - but am following your progress with enjoyment and huge admiration. Thea

    1. Thanks for your support Thea. Unfortunately the floor in the main living room is going to take a lot longer than the bedroom - it's twice the size and it's just me plugging away on my own. I've got RSI from cleaning the tiles so it's a good job we are off to Snowdonia for a wee break. However it is going to be fabulous!