82. August slowdown

The garden is flourishing, at least

August 11th 2015

Not a great deal has happened on site recently, principally because we haven't been there. We've been off in Cornwall, having an old-fashioned British holiday of rugged coasts, cream teas and Scrabble. I was back on site yesterday, contemplating the many jobs that still have to be done before we get back to plastering. I'm back in the swing of it now but it's going to be a slow month.

Happily the garden doesn't need our constant input to progress. It just gets on with it. We came back to ripe plums and greengages and the last of the blackcurrants and redcurrants. The autumn raspberries will be next, as well as some strawberries which have decided to have a second flush. The first apples might be ripe in about a month's time. I'm already looking forward to the next round of winter planting, when further fruit in the back garden will be complemented, I hope, by a fully-fledged planting scheme for the front garden, which is currently chock full of building materials.

The garden is also full of bees, which is fabulous.  Right now they are all over the persicaria. What cool insects they are: going about their business with a minimum of fuss while casually pollinating our fruit trees and and increasing the sum of local human happiness.


  1. Bee's are the coolest things.

  2. What's your water strategy? And are you having to irrigate? It's been terribly dry in traditionally drenched Herefordshire but I hear its even worse in London.
    Are your soft fruits caged or are you just accepting bird-losses?
    Your next stop is beekeeping! There's now more nectar in the cities than the countryside due farming "efficiency".

    1. Hi Graeme. Water strategy is a 1500litre rainwater tank under the patio. It went in over a year ago but has yet to be plumbed in (raised pond has to be built first). We'll see how we go with the unprotected soft fruit. So far, so good. Ford made a bee-hive some time ago but we're not sure if there will be a good place for it. I'm hoping a discreet spot in the front garden. Hope your build is going to plan (not that we have such a thing) Will