81. A lick of oil

We've been fitting and oiling our door linings and window boards

28th July 2015

Door linings are the boards that line the holes that your doors sit in. They are rather lowly components of construction, not least because people tend to walk straight past them. When did you last linger in a doorway admiring the lining?

To avoid this neglect, we are making our door linings and window boards out of chunky pieces of European oak, full of colour, patterns and the natural decorative dings known as burrs. A couple of coats of oil bring out all of these features beautifully. The oil is clear but has the effect of pushing the Photoshop saturation slider: everything just pops out a bit more. We are using Osmo Polyx oil, which has good environmental credentials as it made from natural oils and waxes.

Slapping some oil around feels like we have reached final finishes. However door linings are strictly first fix. Once they are in, the walls can be plastered all they way up to them. Finally, the junction between the plaster and the door lining is covered with the architrave . The plaster is what divides first and second fix. In the two photos here you can see the interior front door with the slightly damaged pasterboard butting up against it, awaiting plastering, and the back door with the plaster finish trimmed at the junction with the lining.

We've put the linings in the interior doorways too, though these doors will go in much later. Much, much later, as I plan to make them myself. Third fix: jobs that can wait until we've moved in.

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  1. I love my C19th door linings at the cottage - love painting them when I paint the doors ...