62. The rooms take shape

The plasterboarding is almost finished

7th March 2015

It's taken longer than I expected to get all the walls and ceilings boarded out, ready to be filled with Warmcel insulation. That's partly because I took a couple of weeks off to earn a living; partly because it's been time-consuming getting all the ducts and wires and pipes in place within the walls prior to boarding; partly because it's actually quite a demanding task cutting and fixing all that plasterboard; but mainly because I consistently under-estimate the time every job takes. This is the curse of the self-builder: in my imagination tasks seem so straightforward, but my imagination fails to take account of all the complications and difficulties and fiddly bits at the edges.

Over the past week we have had some help from Glen and Love of Touchwood Homes, who put the timber frame up last summer. As Touchwood are currently waiting for several new jobs to start, I have put them to work doing some speedy plasterboard-tacking. Thanks guys! And thanks also to our mate Alex, who also helped raise the ceilings (as in this photo with Ford).

So now the walls are in place and the proportions of the rooms are revealed. We are pleased: in the photo above Ford is doing a little dance in our main living room to celebrate its emergent spaciousness, thanks to a combination of full-house width and a higher than normal ceiling.

But enough about the house - it's the garden that got me going today. Ford and I spent the afternoon clearing all the materials that have been stored in the back garden, most of which (including a lot of bricks and stone paving slabs) ended up in the much smaller front garden. Having done so, we lifted the boards that I put down 18 months ago after I had replaced the poor soil with good muck and topsoil and laid the paths. I was pleased then to get the soil ready before the house was built. I was even more pleased today to remove the boards and reveal a perfectly laid out garden, ready for planting. The worms were happy to see us and we were delighted to see them.


  1. That was a masterstroke doing all that soil prep and layout while the site was empty. I hope Ford thought it was worth foregoing his zombie fix yesterday :-D

    1. Aye, I remember all those months ago when the site was empty thinking how smug I would feel at this moment. So I am relishing the smugness now!