39. A timber milestone

The timber frame is complete

26th August 2014

So, thanks a million to the Wilkinsons of Touchwood Homes for a great experience putting up the timber frame of The Orchard. Today, in the pouring rain, Reuben and Pat completed the last bits of airtight sheathing, packed their bags, and left me to it. I finally gave up at 7.30pm, having been soaked through twice over the course of the day. The roofers are due tomorrow and I had some work to do preparing the way for them.

What Adam, Reuben and Pat Wilkinson (and co-workers Love and Glenn) have left us with is the structural shell of the building, sheathed in a dense fibreboard. Everything else gets built off this, starting with a fully functional roof - much needed at the moment - and followed next week by windows and doors. We should be happily sealed before the real October arrives. Right now, the building looks like a house made from cardboard, an architects's model at 1:1 scale. It has a certain charm but I'm looking forward to doing some colouring in.

The Wilkinsons have genuinely been a pleasure to work with. They have been hard-working, good humoured, flexible, and relentlessly cheerful. A proper family firm. I shall miss them.

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