38. Topping out

We have a roof - or the beginning of one at least

19th August 2014

Today Glenn put in place the last piece of sterling board over our rafters. As we were working from the bottom of the roof to the top, this piece was at the highest, most prominent point at the front of the building. A good moment to celebrate, then. I remember Olympia and York hired the London Symphony Orchestra to play on the scaffold when 1 Canada Square (Canary Wharf) was topped out. They subsequently went bust so I've decided not to follow their example.

The boards are the base of quite a thick roof. On top of them there will be a vapour barrier (plastic sheet), 300mm of insulation, another layer of board and finally the roof membrane. So our rooftop views of the rapidly changing cloudscapes of London will improve further (it helps that we can see the rain coming). We also have a parapet all the way round the roof which Adam was measuring up and beginning to install today.

Our new roof provides access to the northern lean-to roof of neighbouring Tree House. So I took the opportunity to do our neighbours a favour and clean their roof windows. We also discovered a wonderful world of moss growing beneath the leaf guards in their gutter. Appropriate for Tree House, perhaps, but I fear it will have to go (unless the moss witch gets me first).


  1. Sweet! It seems to be going super quickly are you on, or ahead, of schedule?
    I am looking forward to you getting to the fun bits when you start making cabinets and counter tops :)

  2. Actually a bit behind schedule. So a bit of a log jam of trades coming up. Some way off counter tops I'm afraid. American walnut is the plan.

  3. I can't keep up now!

    How neighbourly to clean the windows on the old place.