34. Back to steel

It's time for a scaffold

30th July 2014

As soon as the joists were down for our first floor, we nailed down the wide floorboards, off which the next set of walls will be built. Consequently we had a brief moment when the site felt like a gigantic plinth. I could stand high above the road and gardens, wave to passers-by and hold conversations with neighbours across the street, with nothing obstructing the view. But it's not a great idea to draw attention to yourself on a building site, especially if there is a risk of falling off the edge.

So today Lee and team from Lee Scaffolding turned up and started dressing up our chunky timber frame in a delicate lattice of steel. Although it's a small project, they still had their work cut out because we are building right next to our neighbour's garage which we are not permitted to walk on during the build. So we had to bridge it: cantilevering out from the scaffold at the front of the building and bridging to the back of the garage. Not easy but all in day's work etc for your experienced scaffolder (hey even their truck is made from scaffold poles).

Now that the scaffold is up we can continue upwards ourselves, raising the first floor studs. Some of these go all the way up to the peak of the roof as we have no second floor as such, just an attic above the bedrooms. Quite exciting really.

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