24. Pipe dreams

The drain pipes have to go in before the slab.

8th June 2014

With all the muck finally cleared, it was time this week to start installing the drain pipes. As these will all run below the concrete slab, they have to go in before the construction of the slab begins. They also have to be spot on as there will be precisely zero scope to move them once the concrete for the slab has been poured. And of course they must have a suitable fall to carry anything that goes down them into the manhole that I installed last year at the front of the site (see post #09). All water off a rather large duck’s back for drainage installers Paul and Dave of course.

The picture above is of the drain pipe for our kitchen sink. This will come up in the middle of our main living space as the sink is on the outer limb of a U-shaped galley kitchen.  This is the first time we have had a fix on any point inside the house, so we can now stand and get a feel for how the space works around us or, as Ford demonstrates here, anticipate doing the washing up and other future kitchen joys.

Paul and Dave also made the connection to the overflow of the rainwater tank that I installed last week. Again, connecting up the back end of the system makes me think of the future possibilities that this enables. The rainwater tank will be fed from an overflow from a raised pond abutting the back of the house which will in turn be fed from the downpipe from the roof. The top of the pond will be just below the sill level of the broad window seat at the back of the house, so on hot June days like today we will be able to sit with the windows open, watch the fish and trail our fingers on the surface of the pond.

Although the pond is still entirely a figment of my imagination, I have completed most of the kitchen cabinets. They are still down in the workshop in Kent, a jumble of sycamore and walnut boxes stuffed in a shed. As the time for their installation is still some way of, this dream will have to lurk in the shadows for a little longer.   


  1. It is getting rather exciting! Well for me it is anyway for you, I assume, it is still a lot of hard work with no sign of it getting easier anytime soon. The important thing though is I am excited.
    The kitchen cupboards look sweet! Nice even lines between the drawers (soft closing I assume?) and the veneer looks very very neat indeed. Soft closing hinges on those too?
    Keep at it sir and soon enough you will have something to be extremely proud of, also I am enjoying reading about it so.....back to work perhaps?

  2. Indeed, Phill, soft close all round. Grass not Blum, though, so you may not wholly approve.